Divinity's Reach

Heroes Rise
Story Recap Part 3

The Whitesand Chronicles

A Villain Emerges
Story Recap Part 2

Strange New World
Talus, Varel, and Aethan, three adventurers seeking to leave their mark on the world, journeyed to the Caves of Chaos. Charged to rid the caves of an evil cult by a local church, they employed the services of a traveling cleric named Nuraptis and his two assistants. During the exploration they came upon an ancient sacrificial bowl whose power was incomprehensible. Before Talus could attempt to cleanse the bowl, the adventurers were attacked by Nuraptis. The battle went in their favor, until a portal ripped open behind Nuraptis. The evil that poured forth from the portal was immense, and created enough of a distraction for Nuraptis to escape with the bowl. Before the portal closed the adventurers saw the source of the evil; a figure wearing a stone mask.

After gaining a new ally, a half-elf rogue named Toasleyma, the adventurers tracked Nuraptis to a tower rumored to be the home of a necromancer. Once they reached the tower a strange figure appeared as if from no where. He was an old eladrin wizard, who sought Nuraptis as well. They joined forces and formed what would become Divinity’s Reach. The heroes fought their way through hordes of zombie plants to the top of the tower. There they found a necromancer and Nuraptis performing a ritual to open a portal. The Heroes were unable to prevent the completion of the ritual and Nuraptis fled through the portal. The Necromancer attempted to annihilate the adventurers, but greatly underestimated their power. Just before being slain the necromancer was able to use the last bit of his magic to snake his way to the portal. The heroes followed after him into what they discovered to be the Feywild, tracked the necromancer down, and slew him before he could escape. With the portal back to their world closed they continued after Nuraptis through another dimension gate to a strange new place, the continent of Faerun.

The Betrayal
Story Recap Part 1

The Beginning.
In ages past the exarchs of the major gods became jealous, and sought to usurp the gods. To achieve this goal the used the might of a growing empire to conquer the continent of Faerun and increase their power through indoctrinated worshipers. The exarchs power grew as the Empire spread. It took the combined effort of the gods and their allies to push back empire. However, the exarchs had grown too powerful to be destroyed. The gods were forced to erect a barrier to separate the empire and exarchs from Faerun. There they were banished till the end of time, or so the gods thought…..


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